The LBH Review

The LBH Review

Just some of our staff picks and book reviews...

'The Messenger of Athens' by Anne Zouroudi, Bloomsbury

The first book in the Mysteries of the Greek Detective series. Often, these detective fellows are portrayed as always on the straight and narrow, and far too good to do things the dirty way. This ‘fat man’, as the book describes him, is not that. He is polite and jovial up until you piss him off - that’s when he becomes cool, calm, collected and downright cruel. Private Detective Hermes Diaktoros remains a mystery until the end too. The storyline of this particular novel is riveting but one can get a little lost in the flashbacks if you don’t pay attention.

'Greenlight' by Kalpana Swaminathan, Bloomsbury

Part of a series of murder mysteries featuring an Indian female detective called Lalli. What we like about her is that she has her flaws. It's how she handles them that's appealing. Also, running about solving bloody crimes in a saree is no easy matter. And the murders in this story are bloody and gruesome indeed - children in a slum in India are being abducted and murdered. We're on the lookout for her other books. This one was purchased during transit at Delhi Airport.

'A Murder of Magpies' by Judith Flanders,

This first person narrative really only picks up mid-way through. The crime aspect itself isn't juicy but it managed to sustain our interest till the end just based on the protagonist's inner dialogue. She develops into quite a formidable character with a sense of humor that makes you want to be her friend. Often, quirky women are portrayed as just that - aloof and a little dreamy perhaps. This one is strong, willful and a book nerd who is pretty damn badass. On the whole, a digestible hybrid of chic-lit and mystery.

2021 Podcast Recommendations

For the audiophiles amongst us...

World Book Club.jpg

BBC World Book Club

The BBC talking about books and with authors from all over the world. Great for finding new reads you may not have come across otherwise.


The Moth

"Stories told live" - this is a riveting listen. Storytelling at it's best.


The Guardian Books Podcast

Interviews with authors from all over the world.


Crime Junkie

Fantastic true crime podcast for the crime/thriller enthusiast.