About Us

Our Story

This endeavour was born out of day-dreaming together while visiting used book stores overseas. In the age of tablets and e-readers, there are still plenty of us out there who like the feel of an actual book in our hands. There is history to be appreciated in not just the printed word but the book in itself. This is our romanticised view about the used book world. We all have day-jobs and work in different fields. But we are ultimately book nerds who like to lepak with our Teh/Kopi and read a good book without spending too damn much. We are also lazy, hate crowds and want things delivered to us. So, we decided to create an avenue to get second-hand books of decent quality to people’s doorstep. So, should you choose to purchase something from us, thank you for your support! If you don’t, that’s fine too! We appreciate your time spent reading about this little venture on our tiny island. Hope you decide to visit us again. Sincerely, The Local Book Hoarders Singapore

~ The LBH Family ~

More about us coming soon!